You Are My Joy

Kevin Jacobson
Words & Music by Kevin Jacobson


I don’t understand how people can make it through this life without a personal relationship with Jesus.  He is my reason for living and the song my heart sings.  Lord, You are my peace, my hope, my joy.


Oh I never thought I would come to the place,
that I would call You Lord.
Walking blinded through this life,
I began to pay sins price,
‘til my heart was battered and scarred.
But then You came with open arms,
took my sin and all its charms
And gave a peace and joy beyond compare.

You are my joy, my reason for living.
You are life and the song that my heart sings.
Thank You Lord for loving me and paying the price
Now I can say, You are my joy.

Oh I never thought that I could feel love like this,
the joy I’ve come to know
And I never thought I’d see,
what You had in store for me
‘Til I gave Your Spirit control
But then you came and touched my life,
took the dark and made it light
And now I know a joy beyond compare.

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