The Chair

Kevin Jacobson
Words & Music by Kevin Jacobson


There is a phrase that comes out of the Japanese Charismatic movement that says, “If we will build a throne with our praise, then He will come and sit upon it.”  Teach me Lord to take time and hear Your voice as You inhabit my worship.


The Lord is calling but can we hear,
Through our distractions, through all our fear.
Oh Lord help me lay aside all of my foolish pride,
And help me realize Your glory's in this place.

We want to sing.  We want to praise.
Let our worship fill the air.
We want to shout and to rejoice,
For Your love's beyond compare.
If we praise You, You have promised
That Your presence will be there...
So as we build a throne with our praise,
Lord come and sit upon the chair.

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