Beyond the Veil, the debut project from Kevin Jacobson, is an awesome worship experience. The opening song invites us to "Step Beyond the Veil" into the arms of Jesus, and that is where you stay for the entire listening experience. Kevin's songs are written from his heart and definitely from the experience of one who truly knows Jesus and has known the grace of the Savior first hand. I love everything about this CD. The simple (yet powerful) production, the graphics, and especially the songs. The lyrics take me on a journey into the presence of the Lord and leave me wanting more of His grace for my life. My favorites include: That You Love Me, A Heart To Worship and The Answer to My Questions, but with the soaring vocals (from Kevin & special guest artist Allison Durham-Speer) and the incredibly vivid picture painted by the lyrics, Tread Softly is the stand-out song of the collection. I have never written a review before, but I had to tell people about Beyond the Veil. If you could only have one worship CD in your personal collection, this is the one to have.
Kevin Jacobson has fallen in love with God and you will too when you listen to 'Beyond The Veil'. Jacobson's debut project is a collection of love songs to the Lord, contemporary Christian ballads that are lushly romantic without becoming sappy. When I listen to these songs I am reminded of David's psalms, endlessly praiseful, heartfelt and full of passion. The simple but ultimately effective arrangements place a spotlight on the lyrics and melodies while Jacobson's vocals convey a sense of vulnerability making the emotion and sentiment behind each song stand out. My favorite tracks include When I Think (Scott's Song), Your Love, That You Love Me, and the remarkable duet Tread Softly (featuring the stunning vocals of Allison Durham-Speer). I get lost listening to 'Beyond The Veil', as if I'm slow dancing with God, and you will too.
Pure, sweet, humble and innocent are terms that come to mind to describe this collection of music. "Beyond the Veil" is the first offering of Kevin Jacobson's personal worship through music. Kevin sings from the bottom of his heart straight through to your soul. The tunes are both moving and beautiful. Just as importantly, God is in it. "Beyond the Veil" is a collection of love songs from Kevin sung to the love of his life, Jesus Christ. Kevin authored or co-authored nine of the eleven selections in this CD. His songwriting ability is amazing. The listener can really hear what a wonderful job he did with each track. "A Heart To Worship" is a song that can be sung any time of the year but has a wonderful Christmas Season message. "Amazing Grace Is More" is a song that truly conveys the message that the old standard, "Amazing Grace" means to all of us. "Tread Softly" is a beautiful duet sung by Kevin and Southern Gospel Music sensation Allison Durham-Spear. I also loved "The Picture Song". Sometimes reviews are difficult; sometimes they are easy. This project was a joy to hear and a nice change from some of the over-arranged projects. Sometimes less is better and Kevin did a wonderful job of driving that point home.

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