Then There Was You

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Words & Music by Kevin Jacobson


This was written for my precious sister Melissa and her husban Russell. It is their story. God is so amazing in the way He brings people together. I love you!


From the moment that I met you, when I first looked in your eyes. I knew my life would never be the same! I found something that I’d searched for in so many different ways. In you Jesus showed to me a love to last all my days. (CHORUS) Then there was you, to make my life brighter. Then there was you, to soothe me with your smile. Then there was you, now my past doesn’t matter I asked Him for His best for me, and then there was you. So in the future when we face the trials that rush in like the night I’ll be standing by you through it all! With Jesus as our Savior and faith that’s built upon the cross Our love will just grow deeper, if in His love we’re lost!

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