Tread Softly

Words & Music by Kevin Jacobson & Natalie Wall


TREAD SOFTLY Through some of the most difficult times in my life, this has been a song that has ministered to me. The Lord is always a perfect gentleman and will not do more in us and with us than we allow Him to. Lord, move me out of the way. Erase my boundaries. Lead me - - and help me to follow. There is pain trapped within my darkness The rejection is so hard to bear. My heart beats for a new tomorrow. Who will I turn to? Who will care? I’m afraid! I’m so afraid! To step out of what I’ve known into Your grace. Will You give me joy when I mourn? Will You dry my tears when I’ve been scorned? Will You fill me in my emptiness? Will You love me in my loneliness? Oh I ask You Lord, tread softly. I’ve known pain trapped within the darkness. The rejection is so hard to bear. With my life I gave a new tomorrow. Place your hand in Mine, I will care. Don’t be afraid! Don’t be afraid! I will wipe away Your past with My grace. I will give you joy when you mourn. I will dry your tears when you’ve been scorned. I will fill your emptiness. I will love you in your loneliness, And I promise you, I’ll tread softly. As You walk within the halls of my heart Lord, Tread softly, tread softly. As You journey through the rooms of my life, Tread softly Lord, tread softly.

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