The Point of Grace

Words & Music by Dennis Jernigan


THE POINT OF GRACE The message of this song has overwhelmed me! At a time when I never needed anything more than a fresh touch from Jesus - - He was faithful. When the fire of life leaves you so dry That your eyes have no tears left to cry When heartache leaves you wondering why? And wondering how you will survive. When you’ve grown too tired to run the race Find your strength is gone without a trace When you’ve reached that lonely desperate place Then you have reached the point of grace. (Chorus) And I will meet you there where your striving ends I will hold you there in my embrace. You will find the place where true joy begins When you reach the point of grace When you reach the point of grace When your hopes and dreams begin to fade And disappointment’s clouding all the plans you’ve made. Feeling lonely, broken and afraid It seems so long since you have seen the light of day When it seems like every trial you face Leaves you one step closer to the place Where you’ll fall away or reach for My embrace Then you have reached the point of grace (Repeat Chorus) Just let go and you will see Just how mighty love can be Child your greatest strength is when you’re weak Looking up from your brokenness to me (Repeat Chorus)

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