The Picture Song

Words & Music by June Benaway


THE PICTURE SONG Along with my mom, my Aunt June is one of the Godliest women that I have ever known. Over 50 years ago, in the midst of one of the darkest days in her life, God gave this song. A simple song of faith and the love of Jesus. Thank you Aunt June for your example and the privilege of singing this song. Men today buy paintings a great fortune they'll pay They call them a masterpiece, they are priceless they say. But I have a picture that the world cannot own, A more beautiful painting than they’ve ever known. (Chorus) A picture of a lovelier Jesus, than any artist on earth has ever painted before. And the scars that I can see were the marks made by me. And the sin that I committed was the cross that He bore. Close your eyes now and pray and paint on your mind, this beautiful stairway that we all can climb. At the top stands the one who bore all our shame, yesterday and forever He is always the same. The love on the face of this Wonderful One, shines down that great stairway more bright than the sun. I see Him hold out His hand in every prayer that I pray and my burdens grow lighter Every step of the way. (Repeat Chorus) If you’re searching for something, if by sin you are blind - - You can find it in Jesus the Savior Divine. Just let Him cleanse you from sin Then I know you will see, This beautiful Savior that’s so precious to me. (Repeat Chorus)

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