Amazing Grace is More

Words & Music by Kevin Jacobson


AMAZING GRACE IS MORE This is the first song I wrote after I became a Christian. I had grown up in church and had always heard about "amazing grace," but when I experienced it first hand, my life was forever changed. Pastor Jim Combs, this song is for you! Amazing grace how sweet the sound, It's a song I'd sang o'er and o'er again. But I never understood, just how amazing God's grace could be, 'til you reached down touched my broken life and set me free. (Chorus) And now amazing grace is more than just a song to me. And it's more than just a melody in my soul. Amazing is God's love in sending His own son to die. And grace is Jesus taking my broken life and making me whole. When we've been there ten thousand years, It will be just the start of my praise. Forever at His feet I'll bow, lay all my crowns and trophies down And thank Him for all He's done for me, Amazing grace! (Repeat Chorus) Amazing is God’s love in sending His own Son to die and grace is Jesus taking my broken life and making me whole.

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