For those of you who know me, you know that music is a very important part of my life.  More than that, its the way I express my passion for Jesus, and the amazing grace that He has bestowed, and continues to bestow on my life every day.

But I went through a very dry place spiritually and had not written any new music in over a year.  Michael Turnbull told me that I needed to step out and start writing again.  Recently, my friends Elijah and Mark prayed with me and told me that God was going to redeem the time that I thought I had lost.

God has a plan.  He loves me.  And I'm thankful to say that the songs are flowing again.  Worship music about the grace and goodness and mercy of God.  God is Great!  I hope you like the words, and can't wait for you to hear it.  Thanks to Joan Castle - - she helped me.


Words by Kevin Jacobson & Joan Castle
Music by Kevin Jacobson
© 2014 Beyond the Veil Music

You are great, and You are worthy,
To be magnified and glorified and praised.
You are great, and You are holy.
Lifted high upon Your throne
Majesty is Yours alone
You are great.

From the dawning of creation
We were made to praise You
If we were silent, then the rocks they would cry out

Above all things, You are exalted
We worship and adore You,
At the mention of Your name we sing and shout

Jesus, You are Savior
Merciful Redeemer
Love like no other, came to earth
The Father's grace'

Jesus, You are Savior
Your name is above all names
Let all creation sing, the anthem rings
Your glory - - You are great!

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